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​Philippines. Difficult to spell - easy to love. Philippines has more than 7000 islands. We went to four but spent most days on Malapascua and Negros Oriental south of Dumaguete. We had turquoise 28 degree water, powder sand beaches, many sunny days but only one sun burn. However, we also experienced one of the many typhoons which hit the region. The Category 2 hurricane "Ursula" surely made this Christmas evening one never to forget. Other things never to forget: Scuba diving for the first time, snorkeling with sea turtles and seeing truly amazing coral gardens in Apo Islands. We'll be back. Diving.

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After having agreed on spending our summer holiday in Greece we ended up going to Vietnam. It was a last minute impulse. Actually we have been looking at Vietnam several times before - but for some odd reason always opted for other destinations. But no more. And Vietnam was every bit as fantastic as people have always told us. We went from North to South but exchanged the South (Saigon / Ho Chi Min City) for more days relaxing at the beach near Hoi An in central Vietnam. So our trip included Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hue and Hoi An. And what's not to like: Nice people, beautiful scenery, great food and great weather - if you like 35-38 degrees and high humidity, that is. 


​Back in Sri Lanka seven months after our first visit. This time we headed north to the old capitals of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa - experiencing full moon ceremonies in some of the oldest and largest buddha temples and stupas in the Island. For relaxation we headed to Nilaveli north of Trincomalee - sharing the beach with local fishermen and lots of friendly cows that stopped by the beach chair area every afternoon for a drink of water. We visited the local lagune, went snorkeling with black tip reef sharks and went whale and dolphin watching. Although invited... the whales didn't show up. We ended our trip with a visit to Kandy and a bit of "tailor-made" shopping. Once again Sri Lanka showed itself from its best side. 

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​Back in Sri Lanka for the third time. This time mostly just to relax. First stop was Unawatuna where we have been before. After that three nights north of Kandy in the hills - far away from everything and great hiking. Finally 6 days in an Ayurvedic Resort south of Colombo with 2,5 hours of daily treatments (massage, scrub, steam baths, shirodhara and lots of herbal extract). As for the photos we brought a new drone and many of the photos are taken a bit from the above. New perspectives are always nice. 

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​Rice and curry. Deviled chicken. Rice fields as green and lush as unicorns can be pink and fluffy. Tuk-tuks everywhere. People everywhere. Mad bus drivers. Chili. Blue and pink sapphires on nearly every street corner. 35 degrees. Sri Lanka has it all in 1,5 times the size of Denmark and just 11 hours away. Go. It's nice. We spent 16 days and visited Sigiriya, Kandy, Ella, Embilipitiya and Unawatuna. Thanks to Thonkerne (Lars, Pia, Valdemar and Freja) for giving our stay in Unawatuna a touch of Sorø. 

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Sunseekers. This was probably the best term to describe us when we planned this years summer holiday. And well of course good food. And Sicily has both. We booked our own 4 course menu: Catania for starter. Sicacusa for primi. Cefalu for secondi and the Eolian Islands (Lipari, Stromboli, Vulcano and Panarea) as "il dolce". The desert. Great menu - indulged slowly over 16 days and nights. 

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Two weeks in Rome, Tuscany, Umbria and finally Amalfi Coast. During the two weeks we had the joy of participating in Lea & Tue's wedding in wonderfull Trevi, Umbria. 


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This spring we visited Maiken, Ole and kids in Bolivia. We explored La Paz, Lake Titicaca and had an unforgettable trip around the North and South Lipez. 


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After many evenings searching for a sunny spot for our Christmas holiday we found La Gomera. This Island is Tenerife's smaller and less touristy little brother. La Gomera was Christoffer Columbus last stop before leaving for India in 1492 and today it boasts Europes last "laurisilva" - a low and dense laurel forests. Perfect for trekking and thus you meet Jack Wolfskin here, there and everywhere. A beautyful and very green islands worth a visit. 


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Marrakesh is one of those exotic cities that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. It boasts the worlds biggest food market in a square where you can also buy new teeth, watch snake charmers and probably also buy a new wife or a camel. No comparison, by the way. 


Visit Marrakesh and get lost in the zouk. The locals - who are all very kind and welcoming - will help you back on track again. But take care. Many only speak french. 


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CUBA, 2013

This was our 3rd trip to Cuba. This time we went east - all the way to Baracoa which was only the 3rd settlement in the Americas way back in year 1400-something. We also spent 5 days in Cayo Largo which boast one of the finest beaches in the world. Playa Paraiso. And it sure was :-) 


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Bologna. A city often overlooked by visitors in Italy. Bologna has it all. Nice shops, beautyful old buildings and the best icecream around. And then Bologna is where Gra (Claus' ex-sister-in-law and still very dear friend), her husbond Bruno and their kids Emilia and Guido live. Grand show. 


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Karpathos must be our favorite Greek island. Best beaches in Greece, relaxed atmosphere and not too many turists. Nothing more to say. 


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Santorini is one of the most hyped Greek islands. Not because of the beaches, the diverty of the nature or the food. No. Its simply because of the view to the sea and the sunset displayed every evening - like a theater - from the many restaurants and hotels glued to the steep cliffsides. And it is truly amazing - enjoyed responsibly with a cold Mythos or a glass of whitewine. Being there we had the opportunity to see the finals of Redbull Art of Motion (Parkour) competition. 


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Most islands that make up Cap Verde were - until recently - just sand and a few thousand residents. The best know is probably the late singer Cecaria Evora.


Now the islands have a booming turist industry. They are however still rather unspoiled. Long stretches of beach, remote coves along the coast and a real desert. 


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Nice big city just few hours from Copenhagen. Nice hotels, restaurants,  "zweipirinha" by Die Alster and great wedding-ring-shopping. What more do you need for a long weekend away from Denmark?


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We were lucky to visit Egypt - part of it, anyway - just before the crisis really hit the country. We spent a week on an off a cruiseship on the Nile. Going from Luxor to Aswan and back again. Warm during the day, bloody cold at night and lots to see - accompanied by very skilled guides from the travel agency. 


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BALI, 2011

"The Island of the Gods" is the unofficial name of Bali which was the destination of our honey moon. We had one week in Sanur Beach (east) and one in Jimbaran (west). Both great places. Jimbaran however was the place to be. Great beaches, nice sunsets and lush gardens full of tropical flowers. 


The trip back from Bali is long. If you need a "sleeping strategy" after a bit of sushi in Bangkok Airport, Nina is the one to ask.  


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KENYA, 2010

Kenya was one of the biggest experiences ever. With Nairobi - visiting Maiken, Ole and kids - as our base we visited Amboseli, Masai Mara, Naivasha and the coast just north of Mombassa. We saw the big five, the ugly five and tons of other animals. Truly spectacular. And to put things in perspective we we had a guided tour around Kibera which is one of the biggest shanty towns / slums in the country. 


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Kefalonia isn't the most scenic of the Greek islands. Most of the towns and villages were destroyed in an earthquake some fifty years ago, so everything is quite new and not specifically charming. But Myrthos Beach is fantastic. The road going there is scary to those not comfortable with twisted and winded roads and crossed by the roadside. Thus Nina was at times hiding behind Claus' Hannah Montana towel. So never leave home without it!


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Today Lesbos is the first stop in Europe for many refugees arriving from nearby Turkey. In 2009 it was just a normal Greek tourist location with nice beaches and a few sleepy towns. Actually that summer Lesbos only had half the usual number of tourists due to the financial crisis.


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CUBA, 2009

Our second trip to Cuba. This time without salsa classes in Havanna but lots of going around Cuba. Our base was the once glorious Hotel Inglaterre in Havanna. (ask for Ignasio if you want good cigars).  We went by bus to Cienfuegos and Trinidad (east) and went the 400 kilometers to Vinales / Cayo Levisa by taxi.


In Havanna we meet up with Yahima who was Claus' salsa teacher in 2007. We had contact with her until 2013 but unfortunately we have now lost track of her.


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Our first trip to Italy together. We visited Sestri Levante, Rapallo and Santa Margarita de Ligure in Liguria and Pisa, Sienna and Montalcino in Tuscany. Great food, great vine and great scenaries. We went by car from Denmark. Unfortunately we cannot show the video the Swiss police made of us on our way back. At a price of 5500 DKK they could give you a copy to show with your holiday photos. Maybe next time...


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CUBA, 2007

First time in Cuba was some experience. Once a tropical Las Vegas has over the last 50 years been transformed into a pile of destroyed buildings, shops with nothing to buy and beans, beans and beans on the menu.

But then again. The weather is great and the drinks, cigars and music even better. Salsa communism we call it. And we like it. So we went back in 2009 and 2013.


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